An idea in 2012

Leading Aerial Operators Working Together, Collaborating And Sharing Ideas.

We started out back in 2012 at BVE with an idea to form a group where we could collaborate and act together, sharing ideas and promoting ourselves and the industry as a whole. That idea became The Remote Aerial Operators Group aka ‘Remote Aerial Ops’.

Since then the founding members including Horizon AP, Flying Fern Films and Flyonix have shared ideas, experiences and knowledge, and worked together on numerous projects, from exhibiting together at BVE to building wirecam systems for Beowulf.


Now we’re expanding on the core idea of the group to launch a new company that provides drone training and services based on the skills, experience and expertise of its world-class drone operators and new 8000 acre base.

Academy Membership

Access all our knowledge and experience – on-site with demo days and workshops and get online advice, tutorials and discounts from our ops and partners

Industry-Specific Drone Training

Industry specific drone systems, training and consultation on integrating drones into you business, saving you time and money

Drone System Testing and Reporting

At our Proving Ground facility we test and report on new systems, review new kit and make recommendations to our clients and members based on their needs.

Hire An Operator

Hire a specialised drone operator that suits the needs of your project, from aerial filming, to VR and agricultural – anything where a drone is needed

Expert Drone Operators


It takes years of experience to get to the level of knowledge and expertise that our operators have. From using Drones in the Film and Broadcast Sectors, to Agriculture and Asset Inspection, THEY KNOW DRONES.

Our Operators Define Us

Welcome to The Drone Aerial Operators Group


ROAVR - Scotland


UAV Survey | Scotland

Copter Clouds - Spain

Copter Clouds

Pro Aerial Video | Spain

The Lens Foundry - UK

The Lens Foundry

Aerial & VFX | UK

Air-Frame - UK

Air Frames

Engineering Aerials | UK

Surface Aerials - Dubai

Surface Aerials

Pro Aerial Video | Dubai

Uppercut Productions - UK

Uppercut Productions

Camera Movement | UK

Zuma Media - LA

Zuma Media

Pro Aerial Video | China & US

Skymotion Video - Canada

Skymotion Video

Drone & DOP | Canada

Flyonix - EU


Camera Platforms | EU

Flying Fern Films - UK

Flying Fern Films

Drone & DOP | UK

Horizon AP - UK

Horizon AP

Live Aerial Video | UK

Rogue State Media - UK

Rogue State Media

One-man Drone Op | UK



Whether you’re just getting started with drones or are a seasoned operator, become a member to get drone training services that help build your skills, get top kit advice, discounts and awesome job opportunities.

Demo days and workshops hosted by our ops, at our 8000 acre rural base

Exclusive online educational videos and articles from our pro operators

Exclusive collaboration, promotions and discounts from our partner companies

Agency services for job opportunities with full support and back-up


£ 20

Per MonthGet the freedom to cancel anytime you want.

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Pre-Launch Sign Up50% Off

£ 60

For 6 MonthsGet the first 6 months at 50% off the standard monthly rate when you sign up before our launch in 2016.

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£ 200

Per YearA year of Drone education, access and discounts.

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With over 8000 acres of land and a growing list of expert operators at our disposal.

Our bespoke consultation, training and system testing facilities can save you time and money
Integrating Drones into your Business

We provide industry specific drone systems, training and consultation via our ops and partners in the broadcast/filming, agricultural, and industrial inspection sectors. We focus on cost-effective, easy to use drone systems that fit your business needs.

Drone training takes place at our 8000 acre facility which has all the resources needed to train your staff with the skills needed to operate drones within your business. and our support packages keep your systems maintained and staff up-to-date.

Proving Ground Facility

The combination of the massive amount of varied terrain available to us, and the varied skills of our operators means we are in a unique position to provide testing and reporting services for drone systems.

We provide either just the land, or an operator as well who will put new kit through its paces and provide a detailed report. We also use our test data to make upgrade and system recommendations that are specific to our clients business needs.

Accross the globe

Hire an Operator that suits your needs

Drone Aerial Ops is lucky to have some of the best aerial operators in the world on its books, all specializing in different fields. So be it aerial filming, VR, agricultural surveying or anything in between – we’ll provide the op whose skills best match your requirements. We’ll organize everything to do with the drone operations, from location planning and risk assessments to camera hire and we also provide full back up to our ops to ensure the job goes smoothly no matter what.